Below is a selection of my work in science, tech, psychology, and personal development.
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Science & Tech

SpaceX Drone Ships — The Evolution of Space Launch and Recovery (Illumination)

Article covers the purpose, evolution, and future direction of SpaceX’s drone ships.

Which Diagram Type Should You Use for Your Software? (Medium)

Article covers the various UML diagrams and the C4 model of software diagramming.

Semiconductors, Taiwan, and Geopolitics (Medium)

Article about semiconductors and the current geopolitical and supply situations (ca. 2022). Article covers semiconductors and node size, current supply situation, the major players in the field, and Taiwan’s use of its semiconductor industry as a geopolitical tool.

Brain-Computer Interfaces: From Medicine to Mind-reading (Medium)

In-depth article about Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs). Article explains what BCIs are, shows a historical timeline of the field, covers the main types of BCIs, covers primary applications and challenges, discusses dangers and ethical considerations, and shows possible future developments.

Brainwave Entrainment: A Technology to Improve Focus, Reduce Anxiety, and Enhance Meditation (Medium)

Article covering brainwaves and brainwave entrainment. Shows the potential of the different brainwave bands to help with various issues. Covers the various methods of accomplishing entrainment. Article topic is located at the intersection of technology and personal development.

Psychology and Personal Development

Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Overcontrolled Individuals (Medium)

An informative article about RO-DBT. Covers the nature and purpose of the therapy, its methods, and who might benefit from it.

Somatic Awareness As Treatment For Stress, Tension, and Trauma (Medium)

An informative article about Somatic Awareness and Somatic Therapy. Covers the nature and purpose of the therapy, its methods, and who might benefit from it.

Jung, MBTI, and the Different Ways of Understanding the World (Medium)

Article about Jung’s typology theory and its extension by Myer Briggs and her mother. It covers all the cognitive functions.
It discusses using typology to better understand yourself and perform Jungian shadow work.

Positivity as a Light in the Darkness (Illumination)

Article about cultivating positivity to build yourself up from a difficult position in life. Acknowledges difficulty and avoids simple answers. Offers 6 specific methods to be practiced.

This Could Really Be a Good Life (Illumination)

Semi-prose (“prosy”) article about how to move from faint hopes to a dream future. Discusses the 3 primary stages, what sets them apart, and how to move from one to the other.

Freefalling Into the Good Life (Medium)

Article about how to make a new beginning from mental rock-bottom. How to turn an ongoing downward spiral into a virtuous upward spiral.