Engineering Expertise Meets Engaging Writing

As a Norwegian-based engineer with a passion for science and technology, I offer writing services in the STEM fields. My technical and writing expertise ensures content that is both accurate and engaging.

In addition to my technical background, I have a lifelong fascination with the truths governing human behavior. I write on topics such as psychology, personal development, esotericism, and spirituality.

I provide a professional working relationship with clear communication and fast delivery times. My dual role as an engineer and writer ensures that you receive content that is both technically sound and well-written.

What I Offer

I specialize in creating content that is first and foremost engaging, making an impact on the reader and establishing your niche/brand authority. That being said, my content is also SEO-optimized to drive traffic.

My Services Include:

  • Engaging Articles: Short blog posts and in-depth, longform articles that drives traffic.
  • Pillar Pages & Cornerstones: Exhaustive, in-depth content that serves as the foundation of your content strategy.
  • Content Marketing: Content that builds brand awareness and establishes your expertise.
  • Content Repurposing: Transform existing content into various formats, breathing new life into it and maximizing its reach.

My content will help you boost your visibility, attract new leads, and establish your niche and brand authority. Let’s work together to create content that stands out and makes an impact!