About Me

My name is Mats Johannessen. I’m a Norwegian-based freelance writer for Science, Tech, Psychology, and Personal Development.

I hold a master’s degree in microelectronic & mechanical engineering and have a lifelong love of writing and personal development.

Science and Tech

I’m an engineer by trade with extensive knowledge of Mechanics and Microelectronics, specializing in advanced sensors and actuators. My expertise includes Ultrasound, Material Science, Biotechnology, Signal Processing, Semi-conductors, and much more.

I’m also knowledgeable in Computer Science and Data Science

Few things are as inspiring to me as technology and all its possibilities, both for enhancing existing processes and for pioneering new ones. I love helping people see this potential, and helping businesses demonstrate the potential of their services to their clients and customers.


I have had a fascination with human nature my whole life. Consequently, I have developed extensive expertise in broad fields such as Personal Development, Psychology, and Spirituality.

I love to write on these subjects, whether original thoughts in prose form, short informative articles, or carefully researched long-form content.